Satya Wacana Conference & Seminar, The 3rd ICETEACH

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Teacher Management Policies in Moratorium Era
Nurkolis Siri Kastawi

Last modified: 2016-10-31


The problems faced by the Government of Demak District currently is the shortage of civil servant teachers and uneven distribution in public elementary schools. Meanwhile District Government can't recruit new teachers due to the government's moratorium. Hence the focus of this article is how the effective policy on teacher management? This is research for policy with prescriptive approach based on process theory by Dye. Technic analycentric was applied to enhance the research quality. Data collected on June 2016 using basic data of education. Research result as follows. First, policy agenda starts from problems identification and found that the was shortages of teachers and uneven teacher distribution. Second, there were various policy formulation such as the appointment of civil servants teacher, regrouping small schools, multigrade teaching, and the appointed honorary teacher became permanent teacher. Third, policy adoption selected was to create district regulations. Fourth, policy implementation began with making implementing team, standard operating procedures, and technical instructions. Finally, policy evaluation by determining indicators of success, reporting results and impact, and provide recommendations. It is recommended that the results of this study become a policy recommendation.


teacher distribution, contract teacher, school regrouping, reeducate and recertification.

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