Satya Wacana Conference & Seminar, The 3rd ICETEACH

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Some Challenges, Opportunity and Impact to Higher Education Quality Assurance in Indonesia
Lisa Gracia Kailola

Last modified: 2016-10-18


This paper will present the challenges and opportunities that the national policies in Indonesia bring forth to the country’s higher education. It offer a brief assesment of recent trends and identifies some areas of emerging consensus as well as issues still being debated. Currently, globalization, information communication and technology (ICT) has rapidly developed into a complex system of circuits of exchange and interactive dynamics to produce rapid change affecting most aspects of human life. It will raise some challenges and opportunities for the quality assurance of higher education, which is an intrinsic element of contemporary globalization implicated throughout these interactive dynamics and effects. Considering that the challenges, opportunity and impact faced by higher education institution is very dynamic and development of its environment.


assesment, quality assurance, higher education, globalization, Indonesia.

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