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Dato See Ching Mey - Malaysia - Universiti Sains Malaysia
“Mental Health Facilitation for Teachers of Early Childhood and Elementary School” (Workshop)
Dato See Ching Mey is a professor in counceling (psychology) at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. She holds her Master of Arts in Educational Psychology from University Malaya and her Philosophy Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University. Prof. See is recently working as Deputy Vice Chancellor at University Sains Malaysia. She has also joined organization named NBCC International Advisory Council and become Director of NBCC Malaysia. She helped developing Mental Health Facilitator’s, continuing education modules during her stay at NBCC headquarters and collaborated with NBCC staff members to discuss and consult about issues related to councelling in Southeast Asia.



Andrea Dugan - United State - Mountainview International Christian School
“Self Efficacy for Contemporary Teachers and The Role of Principals”
Her professional objective is to provide leadership as the elementary principal especially where she has been placed, i.e. Mountainview Christian School, Salatiga, Indonesia. She has many experiences related to educational leadership, curriculum development for elementary school and professional development. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Bethel University, Minnesota State, USA. Her Master and Doctorate degree are also in education from reputed university. She, in the present, becomes the administrator of Mountainview Christian School holding position as Assessment Coordinator, ACSI Accreditation Steering Committee Chair and Curriculum Development. No denying that she has also experienced some international training/workshop/conference.



Cees van Maarseveen - Netherland - Team-leader Rwanda NICHE Project
“Current Issues of Education in Developing Country”
More than 30 years of experience in managing Education, Governance, Capacity Building, Curriculum Development and Skills Development projects in the public and private sector, Mr. Van Maarseveen, passionately, becomes an international leading education practitioner. He has experienced so many abroad programs development in project management including budgeting and financial management, policy development and strategic planning, training scheme design and training programmes delivery, and many more. He is also in charge as Senior Advisor for different Ministries, partner of governance structures and a National Advisory Body for higher professional education in Yemen. In accordance with his background in education, he has developed Competence Based Education (CBE) curricula and extensive network of governmental and educational institutions.



Rosie Thrupp - Australia - Univeristy of Sunshine Coast
“Who Am I as A Learning and Equity Leader?”
Rose Marie Thrupp graduated from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and achieved her Master degree in Elementary Education and Teaching (Mathematics). She pursued her study and gained Education Doctorate from Central Queensland University, Australia. Dr. Thrupp, wholeheartedly concerns in Science Curriculum and Pedagogy and Technology, Mathematics Curriculum and Early Childhood Education. Some programs has also been made by her creative insight like: extensive program in the use of LEGO NXT accross curriculum, a program for schools called Teacher being Childwise to help teachers in proactively dealing with students’ social and emotional competence.



John Hunt - Australia - University of Sunshine Coast
“Strategies for effective learning and teaching”
Mr. John Hunt is a passionate lecturer at University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Previously, he worked at Central Queensland University in the same profession. Most of his works are related to curriculum planning, distance education, ICT and pedagogy as well as the arts and technology. He has recently completed a project in corporation with Cambridge Education as technical coordinator in the review of ICT in Papua, Indonesia. His achievements include a production of short texts for primary science edcation and researches on the use of smartphones and social media among students.



The 7th Regional Conference
Ikatan Sarjana Pendidikan Indonesia (ISPI) / Indonesia Educationist Assosiation (IEA)

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