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Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Effectiveness Training Evaluation to Indonesian Migrant Workers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Mega Fajriati, Lindawati Kartika, Dahlia Zawawi

Date: 2016-09-27 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Last modified: 2016-09-27


Edukasi untuk Bangsa is an organization of entrepreneurial training for Indonesian migrant workers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It is a community who voluntarily organizes free training for migrant workers. The purpose of entrepreneurial training is to motivate and widen participants’ mindset, as well as presenting productive economic development abilities such as but not limited to, business, investment, and other productive efforts by utilizing checks gained during previous migrant workers experience, individual potential and surrounding environment. It is expected that with the training, the migrant worker and their families may obtain sustainable income, it is better that they could open their independent businesses to fend for their life and thus, retiring from migrant worker status altogether. It could be achieved, if the training is effective. Therefore, based on the previous exposition, Assessing the effectiveness of training programme is the most important place it is done to observe how well the goals have been achieved and whether it is the best method for accomplishing the goals  (Borate, 2014). [i]

The following research question that will be investigated are 1) How is the implementation of entreprenership training in Edukasi Untuk Bangsa?, 2) How to evaluate the effectiveness of entrepreneurship training for migrant workers in Malaysia organized by Edukasi Untuk Bangsa at the reaction level, learning level, behavior level, and result level?. This research is aimed to 1) Analyze the implementation of the training organized by the Edukasi Untuk Bangsa. 2) Evaluate entrepreneurship training on reaction level, learning level, behavior level, and result level. This research was conducted to migrant worker who have attended the training program. In its entirety, this discourse used primary sources (observation, interview, and questionnaire) and secondary sources (literature review, journal, and thesis). This research utilizes descriptive analysis method using a four-level Kirkpatrick evaluation model, with Microsoft Excel 2010 and SPSS 16.0 software in processing and analyzing the data.

The result shows that the entrepreneurship training for the migrant worker is effective from reaction level to result level. At the reaction level, the average of trainee was very satisfied with the training they have acquired. On learning level, the highest increase is in value added of a product and a basic knowledge of entrepreneurship indicators. At the level of average behavior of participants, it’s already showing the behavior as one who will be entrepreneurs and start implementing training materials that have been given. At the result level, the highest score is in concept of financial management comprehension indicator.

Researcher suggested that the training provided focuses on basic entrepreneurial training. Entrepreneurship training in the basic sector is selected for the short term because the training that can be provided by Edukasi Untuk Bangsa is basic knowledge before returning to Indonesia. In long-term, they need the government supervision and cooperation with relevant parties so that trainees can carry out their own business. Entrepreneurial can be formed through three phases (growth, development, and maturity) involving ABGC (Academics, business, government, community). Phase 1 (growth) is a phase which becomes the focus of researcher as recommendation for Edukasi Untuk Bangsa. Farming is one line of business in the basic sector. Training activities in goat farming is chosen because goat farming is a business which has significant potential in terms of business prospects and availability of raw materials. Training methods in phase 1 (growth) is inhouse training with 16 session, 15 meetings in classroom and 1 meeting as an activity field trip to a goat farm business location.



Evaluation of effectiveness, Entrepreneurship Training, Indonesian Migrant Workers

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