There are several hotels and other types of accommodations in Salatiga. For your convenience in enjoying your stay in Salatiga during the conference, we would like to offer you one of the four biggest hotels in Salatiga. They are Grand Wahid Hotel, Le-Beringin Hotel, Laras Asri Resort and Spa, Kayu Arum Resort (in distance order). There are smaller hotels and other accommodations as well, such as Pondok Keluarga Osamaliki, Hotel Surya Indah Salatiga, Wisma Tamu UKSW, and Pondok Remaja Salib Putih, where you can find them easily via Google search as picture below shows some of them (by entering: “Accommodation in Salatiga” or “Penginapan di Salatiga”). Although you may explore and choose any of the accommodations you mostly prefer,  for your perusal in this guide we provide further information only for the four biggest hotels in Salatiga.


Grand Wahid Hotel

Grand Wahid Hotel Salatiga is located in the central business area of Salatiga. Salatiga is a small town in Central Java located between the cities of Semarang and Solo. The distance to both cities is approximately fifty kilometers, which is about an hour drive. This city is constantly growing, supported by the developments at Satya Wacana Christian Universities and other colleges.

Salatiga lies at 616 meters above sea level, sits at the foot of Mount Merbabu. This geographical position brings about a good weather to the town. The weather gives more comfort for those who want to relax while doing both business and leisure at the same time.

Most of guests come to Grand Wahid Hotel Salatiga for meeting, business and leisure purposes.  We are thus pleased to have you come, stay and enjoy your time at Grand Wahid Hotel Salatiga.

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Le Beringin Hotel

This elegantly stylish hotel focuses on providing high standarts of comfort and service. Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure or planning a meeting, Le beringin Hotel always tries its best to make your trip comfortable and successful.

Le beringin hotel is located just at the heart of Salatiga, in the vicinity of shops, banks, a drugstore, food stalls, and many other conveniences. We have 73 Rooms ranging from standart room to suite rooms with 24 hour room service.

Every room was designed to give the most comfort to our guest as the standart of elegant hotel.

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Laras Asri Resot and Spa

The Laras Asri Resort & Spa is an oasis boutique resort ideally situated minutes from downtown Salatiga in Central Java’s emerging “Golden Circle”. Salatiga is in fact one of the oldest and most beautiful small towns in Central Java; it was once called,”de achoonste stad van midden Java” during the Dutch colonial period. It also enjoys easy access to and from Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo’s airports and railway stations.

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Kayu Arum Resort

Kayu Arum is a world-class resort offering the finest accommodation, dining and body treatments. Experience the pleasure of revitalizing the senses in a unique and enchanting resort atmosphere. Ideally situated approximately 700 meters above sea level, on 5,200 square meters and 15 minutes from downtown Salatiga, Kayu Arum Resort is a stylish boutique resort within a picturesque setting.

This resort is nestled in a lush tropical garden.  Its sparking pool provides a refreshing place of solitude in Salatiga–which was considered to be one of the most beautiful towns during the Dutch colonial period.

Kayu Arum Resort was designed with an Indonesian theme.  Simple lines and materials such as stone, rich wood and local fabrics have been used in the construction and decor.

Kayu Arum offers unique facilities such an elegant lounge for relaxation, an intimate dining room, luxurious guest house accommodations, an advanced and sophisticated business center, a modern and full equipped meeting room for seminars or conferences, and impressive gardens for private parties for up to 1000 people.

Additionally, our entire staff is sincere and dedicated.  We are willing to tailor our services to fit the needs of each individual guest.   We look forward to serving you.

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Last but not least, when you book the hotel of your choice (from the four offered) please mention ICHRM 2016 UKSW (in your email or the hotel message system) in order to get a special rate for conference participants. In doing so you may need to book through email or mail system provided in the website.

During the conference, the conference organiser will arrange transport to and from the four hotels and campus. No need to worry about the distance.