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About the Conference

Business organisations are confronted with an increasing level of globalisation. Globalisation may on one hand mean a greater mobility of people, ideas and products. The globalising world on the other hand implies thougher competition that may contain significant threats and challenges for companies. Uncertainty that mainly characterises the globalising world therefore demands a constants process of rethinking strategic responses of firms to the volatile business environment.

In the field of HRM, the globalising world facilitates the flows of different HRM philosophies, policies, standards, practices, and instruments across different national, institutional contexts. Competing and complementing ideas will co-exist and interact one to the other in various places. How would then HRM responding to the globalising world that affects its many realities? How far are HR ideas converging? How would we explain the differences that may still exist, including the varieties of national industrial relations systems? What are the underlying processes behind the development of new variants of HR ideas? Many interesting questions are waiting for good responses from HR thinking minds and it is a challenge to provide timely ideas that are shaping the future of HRM.

Being in such a challenging situation and time, we are pleased to present the call for papers for the International Conference of Human Resource Management (ICHRM) to respond the theme : “Rethinking Human Resource Management in Asia and the Globalising World”.