Satya Wacana Conference & Seminar, International Undergraduate Conference 2018

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Utilization of Nano Technology as Slow Release Fertilizer to Enhance The Growth and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Agricultural Production: A Review
I Gede Kesha

Last modified: 2018-07-05


The food demand is increasing rapidly in the last 40 years, so in order to effort this demand, the amount of yield crop production must be increase 25 percent. Fertilizer is well-known in agriculture to have the ability in increasing the amount of yield crop production, because fertilizer provide the nutrients which is needed for the plants to growth. However, conventional fertilizer, when applied to crops, is vulnerable to losses through volatilization, leaching, nitrification, or other means. This losses force the farmer to use more dosage of fertilizer to achieve more production per unit are, but excessive use of fertilizer can lead into several problems like environment pollution, decrease quality of food material and low input use efficiency. To alleviate these problems, utilization of nano technology as slow-release fertilizers (CSRFs) is being observed. Nanotechnology is a fascinating field of science and being exploited in electronics, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental applications, military and agriculture. Nano-fertilizers, helps in slow and sustained release of nutrients resulting in precise dosage to the plants which can increasing the nurients use efficiency. Nano fertilizers increasing the availability of nutrient to the growing plant which increase chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis rate, dry matter production and result improve overall growth of the plant. Many research indicated that the nano-fertilizer has promising results in order to enhance agricultural production.


Nano technology; Slow-release fertilizer; Agricultural production

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